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The Prestigious Professional is a culturally-competent, justice-oriented, and holistic career coaching service designed to help individuals acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to achieve personal growth and success. 


Our vision is to bring about a new generation of professionals that are leading in the workforce with purpose. I want everyone in my community to be in a place where you’re not just an employee -- you have goals, you are a professional in a job market, and you know that everything you do is tied to your overall life mission.


Here at The Prestigious Professional, my mission is to provide holistic career coaching services to uplift and inspire people who have not yet found a sense of purpose in the workforce while collectively building generational wealth for our families of color. 

Leading in the Workplace with Purpose

People spend a lot of time working different jobs but are not happy with the work that they’re doing. Their place of employment does not represent or misrepresents people like them, whether it’s race, class, disability, or life experience. So many people are just working for a paycheck. Clocking in and out every day without any vision or goals for their work-life - just hoping for a raise or promotion. Sometimes that job doesn’t even meet their basic needs like income, benefits, and schedule. 


Here at The Prestigious Professional, I believe you shouldn’t have to work a job without purpose just to survive. Dead-end work won't feed your soul and it won’t prepare you to meet your goals. The Prestigious Professional invites you to ask yourself, is this really what I want to be investing all my time into? Wouldn’t I rather work in an environment that is uplifting me?


Standing where you are now, you might not be able to see a way out, thinking what else can I do that I don’t already do now? Don’t be limited in your vision by letting your employer define your worth. With The Prestigious Professional, you will start to imagine a more purposeful work life. Together, we will set goals, assess your skills, and identify barriers that are holding you back. Then we’ll develop a plan to identify a career path that draws on your experience and meets your goals. The Prestigious Professional will get you ready to make that transition.


The reason I started this business is because, since 2018, I have helped my clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back in life. Throughout that time, with my person-centered approach to career planning, I have been providing employment assistance through various state and county government agencies. In that capacity, I have assisted over 100 individuals with accomplishing their career, business, and educational goals. 


I started working with the Minnesota Department of Human Services as a career coach helping people with mental and physical disabilities. My work went beyond simply helping clients find employment - my goal was to help them identify their goals, their skills, and the challenges they faced so we could make a plan for them to get meaningful work. I had one client who had a bachelor’s degree but was unable to find work in her field due to a physical disability. She wanted to start her own business. I worked with her start-to-finish, helping her with her business plan, website, networking, getting her business registered -- all the way up until she cut the ribbon on her business. I share her story because success stories like hers confirm for me that I am in the right field. I am working for a purpose and helping people reach their goals. 


I transitioned into offering offender re-entry counseling through the Minnesota Department of Probation and Parole in 2019. As far as my employer was concerned, my job was to ensure that a certain percentage of clients found employment, but I didn’t just let my employer tell me my value. Yes, I succeeded in meeting those benchmarks, but what really mattered to me was helping clients to see potential in themselves and see a path forward even with their felony record. Some clients needed a lot of help changing their mindset and exploring careers open to them with their offense record. Others were already confident and enthusiastic about a career path but needed coaching in resume writing, job applications, cover letters, and a disclosure statement written in a professional manner. Most recently, I provided career coaching services with individuals in supportive housing who were transitioning out of homelessness through the Dakota County Housing Authority. 


Throughout my time as a career coach, I felt I was making a difference to others and helping them with their problems. But I noticed that the service that I was providing was only being offered as a waivered service through government programs. Similar career coaching services weren’t available at an affordable rate for individuals who did not qualify for these state services. That’s why I decided to start my own business, to provide career coaching services to individuals in my community who would not have access through state programs or who would just prefer to work with a career coach who is not part of the system.  


I understand that life gets to the best of us, but with purpose and clarity of your life mission, you don’t have to worry about repeating the cycle that so many of us do and that’s working just to get a paycheck. A job is just a short-term goal for a long-term solution, so let me help you with finding meaning in your work, skills, and talents. We all have a past but now it’s time to focus on the future and get on the right track of obtaining generational wealth for our families of color. Don’t get caught in the cycle, get coaching and let your work become purposeful and prestigious.

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