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Preparing to lead in the workforce with purpose and confidence.


Every client is thought of with purpose and inclusivity here at The Prestigious Professional. We believe everyone deserve a fair chance at adding value to the economy in their own special way. Everyone should have access to higher paying jobs, quality education, and opportunities in the workforce. That's why we work with our clients to help them become knowledgeable about their strengths, skills, attributes and talents.  What you have to offer the economy and the job market matters that's why we focus on your unique qualities to aid in your personal growth and development.


Here at The Prestigious Professional we believe that individuals who served their time that are trained and skilled to a certain degree in a trade deserves an opportunity at higher paying careers. We support individuals re-entering society after completing their sentence in the criminal justice system. We know how hard it can be for individuals returning home to their families to make a decent living in order to take care of home. You may think the odds are stacked against you, but here at The Prestigious Professional we help individuals with criminal backgrounds to immerser themselves in exploring better career opportunities, trades, apprenticeships, business ideas, and life goals that offer them more freedom, value, and purposeful work.


We server a variety of clients from diverse backgrounds, social class, gender, race, and age.

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