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Who is Coach Jackie? Jacqueline Rambin is a trailblazing community leader on the arise . She is a member of the National Small Business Association Leadership Council
NAACP, and MN Second Chance Coalition. Coach Jackie is making a way to lead people down the right path towards creating their own unique professional brands and legacies while building towards generational wealth in their careers.
She operates a professional development firm in the social service field that’s dedicated to serving BIPOC professionals. At The Prestigious Professional Coach Jackie have served over 100+ job seekers,career professionals ,and entrepreneurs with establishing their true purpose and meaning behind their work and brands. She dedicates her work around fighting social justice issues that impacts Black Lives and other people of color in the workforce.
Coach Jackie empowers BIPOC professionalism by helping individuals overcoming systemic barriers that effect their lives and their career. As a social worker and human service assistance she enjoys breaking societal norms and helping professionals of color achieve their ultimate goal of sustaining personal growth and success in their careers.
To learn more about Coach Jackie at The Prestigious Professional please visit our website at and follow us on IG @coach_jackiee and Facebook at

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